Our sweet little bungalow wasn’t so sweet when we first bought it. Here you can see how dated our 2 bedroom, 1 bath looked just a year and a half ago- livable yes, cozy and loveable no.

The kitchen was a small, dark room with a very old fridge. It had great kitchen cabinets but the green counter tops just had to go!

The living room sold me the house! The house is only 900 sq feet, but the amount of light that came in through the windows made me smile immediately.

The Bedrooms were both in rough shape. The left photo is the master and the photo to the right is the tiny second room with a doggy door! This also made us smile as we have the cutest little Cockapoo named Rookie, that we love so much. We knew he could use this door a lot- and he does!

The bathroom….ewww, but a great size with a nice big vanity.
After seeing 18 homes in one month, we knew this house was for us. We were told by our realtor that it was a “Power of Sale” so we bid super low and after a bit of negotiating the bank agreed to take our offer. Soon after the papers were signed the BIG RENO PLANNING of 2011 began!


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