It’s not that we hate carpet; we just really hated the carpet our house came with!

We didn’t move into our home for a good month after getting the keys since we planned for some big renos. Our first project was clear- to scrap the carpet from the bedrooms and living room. It had looked like the carpet has been put in a few years ago as it was still pretty new, fluffy, clean and bright pucky pink.

We started by first pulling off all the cheap, single panel baseboards from each room. We then put on our work gloves and began in the far corner of our living room, first pulling up all of the pink carpet and rolling it right out of the house. Once the each room was carpet free we pulled up the under padding and tried out best to yank out all the carpet staples (and when it was too hard, we just hammered them into the sub floor).

The Daley renos would not have been possible without the help our amazing parents. We were so lucky with all the help we received during it.

Meet my momma!

Meet mom


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