We were lacking serious closet space in our home. Our master bedroom had one little closet for the two of us to share – craziness. Our bedroom also had a door that opened to the second bedroom which was very strange? I believe the pervious owners may have used it as access to a possible nursery.

I decided that I wanted to create a second closet identical to the one already there. To do this I wanted to get rid of the access to our room from the 2nd bedroom. Both Brad and my father were complete against creating a second closet as it would make the room even smaller then it already was. Lucky for me, my mom was around that day and helped convince the guys that we ladies need our closet space and that it will only benefit Brad in the end!

You may remember we knocked down the living room/kitchen wall and with that we took out a MUCH needed closet. We actually took the framing, track and doors from the demo of that closet and used to it for the second closet for our bedroom. It was perfect, and meant to be – at least my mother and I think so!



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