Deciding on flooring was pretty easy. We knew buying hardwood was out of the question due to price and the fact that the value of our little house didn’t require expensive flooring. We were completely against carpet because our puppy Rookie destroyed the carpets we had in our Condo Rental and we did not want to deal with that in our new home. So since Hardwood floors and carpet were out of the questions we went with laminate- a durable, clean and animal friendly option.

Livingroom reno

The hardest part was actually picking the colour of laminate we would install throughout the house. Both Brad and I have always loved the look for dark floors with light walls. We bought 750 square feet of Kaindl- Extoic Walnut Flooring from Home Depot.





We were warned by family that going with a dark floor would mean we would be sweeping and dusting constantly. We did not pay to much attention to these comments. Almost 2 years later we think our laminate floors still look amazing but boy do we ever wish we would have went with a lighter wood tone in our flooring. We feel like we sweep 10 times a day- the broom has become our best friend.

Meet my dad! This was his first time putting in laminate flooring. He picked it up quickly and then taught us how to as well.


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