We Daley’s can eat, drink, and be merry in our renovated kitchen!

When we first purchased this house we knew the only way we would be able to stand this room is if we came up with a quick plan to change everything about this room…it was super small, dark, dated, green and creepy. We were lucky with two lovely and large windows that were covered with ugly plastic blinds – which I might add were the first to go.

The layout was all wrong! So our plan was to knock down the wall between the kitchen and livingroom. We then moved the fridge to the back right-hand corner of the room and took out some cabinets for better flow. I spent a couple of days degreasing, sanding, priming then finally painting the kitchen cabinets a very bright white against light grey walls. It took a lot of work but worth it to keep the real solid wood cabinets that we were lucky to get with the house.

Kitchen Reno

Too save on costs we purchased two light grey counter tops from IKEA and did the necessary adjustments to cut out a whole for the sink. Smart and easy solution if you can’t afford granite or marble. The stainless steel appliances and cabinet handles are great, however my favourite part is the small white rectangle ceramic backsplash, I love how light and bright it makes this kitchen.

This wall was the very first thing we demo’d and we don’t regret it one bit. Bringing the wall down opened this tiny kitchen into a wonderful living space that Brad and I love to hang out in.


Here are some extra kitchen close-ups!



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