We are trying out best to use the little space in our house wisely. I was in a local store the other day and picked up two small space savers that may seem like no big deal for someone with a nice big house, but for us it makes all the difference.

We love steaks and use a variety of steak spices. We have over five spices we use often and they were beginning to take up room on our kitchen counter.  Buying this little and affordable magnetic rack ($9.99) has worked out so well. Not only does it add a little colour to the walls with all the pretty spices, but it helps get everything off the countertops.

spice holder


Spice holder

We also purchased a small hat/coat rack and placed it on a blank wall in our bedroom. Over the years I’m collected a few long necklaces that would usually be found tangled up in my makeup purse. Now they have a lovely spot allocated by the bed. I’ve organized them by chain colour; bronze, gold and silver.

long necklace love

long necklace love


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