Happy Easter weekend everyone! As the weeks go by and baby Daley grows, we’ve been getting the nursery ready. My latest project was a baby mobile, nothing fancy… it doesn’t sing a tune or have a motor to spin it around but boy is it cute.Baby mobile

I started with buying different coloured felt. We picked bunnies as the theme for the mobile which goes nicely with the “woodsy” wall. I hand stitched each little yellow start, white fluffy could and cotton tailed rabbit.

Bunny collection

I used fishing line to attach the felt items on to a large embroidery wheel then continued the fishing line about another foot long with a loop at the end tying them all together.

Bunny Mobile

It took me some time to complete as I did all the sewing by hand but it was a great project to do well watching my shows at night. I hope our little one enjoys it.

Bunny Love



  1. This mobile is AMAZING! I am looking at buying either an owl one or an elephant one on Etsy. I wish I was talented like you and didn’t have to pay $100 for one! So special that you made it!

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