Susannamaria is my business, my creative outlet, my fun and my “full” name.

In 2010 we bought our first home as boyfriend (Brad) & girlfriend (Susie). In this house Brad proposed on November 30th, 2011 and by August 18th, 2012 we were hitched and became the Daleys.

There is no doubt that this first house has become our love nest and as we reno one room at a time we grow as a loving and happy couple.


Update: December 2012
We are pregnant for the very first time!20130730-081711.jpg 20130312-184011

Update: June 2013
Our baby girl, Tayla Maria Starr Daley.

Updated: January 2014
Tayla at 6 months old
Tayla at 6 months


3 thoughts on “THE DALEYS

    • So exciting and Congratulations :) I’m loving all the new experiences of being pregnant, and looking forward to the next 11 weeks. Can’t wait to read your posts!

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