In honour of spring arriving in Ontario, Canada (sorta arriving, it snowed last night), I’ve listed a few items in the shop today that have a spring like feel :) Here is a sneak-peek, but checkout the whole collection our etsyshop: Susannamaria. OH, and remember to visit and “Like” our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SusannamariaCollection to get all the deals we offer (thanks friends!)

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I didn’t have time to upload and edit Tayla’s 6 month photo session until this week! The holidays were just tooo busy. I spent all of yesterday sorting through 200 photos and editing a select few which I think are just so adorable. You’ll notice shes outfitted in a white tutu with a cream coloured bow in the back- handmade by me too, and so easy to make.

Tayla at 6 months tayla7months4 tayla7monthsoldtutu tayla7monthstutu2 tayla7monthstutu3 taylatutu7months


Our Christmas Cards arrived in the mail today and I’m so so so in-love with how they turned out. I spent most of the day addressing and stamping them to all our family and friends. Doesn’t Tayla look ‘oh so cute’ with Santa! Feels good to be spreading holiday joy this early in December.



Tayla got to meet Santa for the first time. She was absolutely adorable, sweet and not at all scared to sit on his lap. We purchased the usual photo package of 2 5×7 & 2 4×6 printed photos but also paid an extra $5 to have the photos sent to us by email (AMAZING). Here is what I created with good old Photoshop. I felt the original photo wasn’t magical/Christmas-y enough but I think I fixed that!


Below: The original cute photo of Tayla and Santa & the background winter wonderland photo I took from google images.



After I created the new image I designed our Christmas Cards with vistaprint.ca. Can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail so that I can share the holiday spirit with our friends and family.



Saturday was just beautiful and it felt like the perfect time to take some family photographs. Tayla is growing way to fast, shes now 5 months old. You’ll notice a red Golden-doodle pup with us. He is the new addition to the Daley family. His name is Moose and he happens to be only 2 months younger then Tayla!

family photos family 1 family 2e family 3e

You might ask who is taking these photos since I’m in them right?! Well I purchased a remote clicker for my Canon cam and I just love it! I also use Adobe Photoshop and Pixlr.com to edit my photos.


If you happened to watch The Marilyn Denis Show yesterday you would have seen four DEMJEN sisters (me and my sisters) in the audience! We had a very early start to get into the city but we had an amazing morning meeting the guest designers and of course the amazing Marilyn Denis herself. It was so neat to see how the show is created and we were lucky enough see an episode that was about home decor, my fav topic!

220131114_111108set444MD Show6

Us Demjen sisters had such a great time and all went home with a Marilyn coffee mug. Sweet!


A couple weeks ago my sisters, Tayla and I spent a beautiful afternoon at the apple orchard. Here are a few photos I wanted to share. Fun fact – the dress Tayla is wearing was made for me by mother almost 29 years ago!

apple pickigtayla apple 3tayla apple 2