In honour of spring arriving in Ontario, Canada (sorta arriving, it snowed last night), I’ve listed a few items in the shop today that have a spring like feel :) Here is a sneak-peek, but checkout the whole collection our etsyshop: Susannamaria. OH, and remember to visit and “Like” our facebook page:¬†https://www.facebook.com/SusannamariaCollection to get all the deals we offer (thanks friends!)

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Welcome 2014!

Just finished and shipped out the first Wedding Table Runner of the year. My family and I are so excited or the year ahead. We have a new nephew entering the world tomorrow and our little Tayla just keeps on surprising us each day! Check out http://www.susannamaria.etsy.com for more items in the shop.

Welcome 2014


Last month I created a feather silk screen and said I would show the items I create with that single design. Well here is the latest is a teal/minty green pillow with white feathers in fabric ink. It looks amazing on my couch and I’m now also selling it in the shop, click here: FEATHER PILLOW. I would love to hear what you think of it!

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We are currently picking out and creating artwork for the baby’s room. There are so many adorable original prints on ETSY that we are inlove with. Here are a few that we think would look great in any nursery or child’s room. artwork

If you make prints for babies we would love to see, just post a link and share!

1. LloydLewisDesign $25

2. ohhellodear $20.84

3. NeoReverie  $35

4. NannaAndBob $38.98


Have you ever used a patterned paint roller? Well we tried one out in the baby’s room! We bought the No. 6 patterned roller from ETSY shop The Painted House for $52CAD.

The Painted House is based in the UK and you can purchase either a fabric applicator or one for walls/ hard surfaces. The Painted House

We thought it would be cute to do one focal wall in the baby’s room. Nothing to bold but something to add some fun in a tiny space. The roller is pretty easy to use but we do suggests that you test it out on newspaper before you start on a wall or fabric. It does take some adjusting at first to get the roller to smoothly roll down the wall.

You might remember a few posts ago that we freshly painted the room with Elephant from Style at Home paint collection. Before we began, we taped off a boarder all along the four sides of the wall we wanted to work on.

before wall

The roller needs to be charged-up first with paint, we picked a bright white in a Pearl finish. Then tested it out on newspaper that we placed on the wall to make sure the patterned roller was completely covered in paint.


The roller needed to be charged-up about every fourth time down the wall. You can see the pattern emerge! Take a good look you should see a moose, buck, doe and baby deer.



Within hour and a half we removed the tape and had the focal wall complete. We are so happy with the outcome. Friends that have seen the wall couldn’t believe we did it with a roller, they asked if it was wallpaper!


The wall looks textured and you can make out the sweet woodsy print.


We have¬† been actively searching ETSY for some handmade spring wreaths for our front door and came up with a bunch of beauty’s. handmade wreaths

What a great way to bring some colour and fun to the exterior of your home. We are thinking of making our own if we don’t purchase one of these. Post a link to some spring wreaths that you love or have handmade yourself, we would love to see them! Photos above are used from the following talented artisans:

1. Petunias $48

2. Elegant Holidays $100

3. Daulhouse $68

4. Wild Ridge Designs $59