In honour of spring arriving in Ontario, Canada (sorta arriving, it snowed last night), I’ve listed a few items in the shop today that have a spring like feel :) Here is a sneak-peek, but checkout the whole collection our etsyshop: Susannamaria. OH, and remember to visit and “Like” our facebook page:¬†https://www.facebook.com/SusannamariaCollection to get all the deals we offer (thanks friends!)

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We have¬† been actively searching ETSY for some handmade spring wreaths for our front door and came up with a bunch of beauty’s. handmade wreaths

What a great way to bring some colour and fun to the exterior of your home. We are thinking of making our own if we don’t purchase one of these. Post a link to some spring wreaths that you love or have handmade yourself, we would love to see them! Photos above are used from the following talented artisans:

1. Petunias $48

2. Elegant Holidays $100

3. Daulhouse $68

4. Wild Ridge Designs $59