In honour of spring arriving in Ontario, Canada (sorta arriving, it snowed last night), I’ve listed a few items in the shop today that have a spring like feel :) Here is a sneak-peek, but checkout the whole collection our etsyshop: Susannamaria. OH, and remember to visit and “Like” our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SusannamariaCollection to get all the deals we offer (thanks friends!)

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Last month I created a feather silk screen and said I would show the items I create with that single design. Well here is the latest is a teal/minty green pillow with white feathers in fabric ink. It looks amazing on my couch and I’m now also selling it in the shop, click here: FEATHER PILLOW. I would love to hear what you think of it!

pillow 005 feather pillowpillow 006pillow 007pillow 011


It’s that time of year where I start to think about making Christmas Cards for friends and family! I came across these adorable and festive cards on Etys.com while enjoying my morning coffee.


1. mulberrymuse

2. annaMichelleCards

3. ABunnyandBear

4. JulieAnnArt

(the photographs above belong to each shop- match the numbered and linked to the photo to visit their Etsy shop).


Spent one if my lovely days off from work to start and finish the one panel curtain for the baby’s nursery. Most of the room so far has been pretty calm and relaxed with the colours we’ve brought in. Brad was persistent on bringing in more colours so the baby has more to look at. So we picked a very bright and colourful outdoor fabric from fabricland. It’s extremely durable and will wash down great just incase baby gets too messy!

I took the left over fabric and made a matching pillow that sits in the crib. I like it, I think it’s cute for either boy or girl but I do have a feeling once this little one arrives I’ll be sewing a new panel that’s more boyish or girlish. Only time will tell!





A little while back I was inspired by a picture and of branch hanging above a baby’s crib a few sweet little paper cranes hanging from it. I decided to make my own version with felt birdes from the scrap fabric I had left from the baby mobile I made a few weeks back. Last year on one of our walks to the beach we found this awesome piece of drift wood. We didn’t know how we would use it our home at the time, but now it is clearly ment to be in the nursery.

Instead of hanging it above the crib as the mobile is already there, I took fishing line and hung it from the shelving we installed the day before. Then I took my trusty glue gun and placed the little felt birdies along it.

Felt Bird

Drift Wood


Bird on branch

Birdie love

Birdies hanging out

One day I can see myself holding our baby and the baby reaching out to touch one of the sweet, soft little birds I handmade.


We are currently picking out and creating artwork for the baby’s room. There are so many adorable original prints on ETSY that we are inlove with. Here are a few that we think would look great in any nursery or child’s room. artwork

If you make prints for babies we would love to see, just post a link and share!

1. LloydLewisDesign $25

2. ohhellodear $20.84

3. NeoReverie  $35

4. NannaAndBob $38.98


Happy Easter weekend everyone! As the weeks go by and baby Daley grows, we’ve been getting the nursery ready. My latest project was a baby mobile, nothing fancy… it doesn’t sing a tune or have a motor to spin it around but boy is it cute.Baby mobile

I started with buying different coloured felt. We picked bunnies as the theme for the mobile which goes nicely with the “woodsy” wall. I hand stitched each little yellow start, white fluffy could and cotton tailed rabbit.

Bunny collection

I used fishing line to attach the felt items on to a large embroidery wheel then continued the fishing line about another foot long with a loop at the end tying them all together.

Bunny Mobile

It took me some time to complete as I did all the sewing by hand but it was a great project to do well watching my shows at night. I hope our little one enjoys it.

Bunny Love