Last month I created a feather silk screen and said I would show the items I create with that single design. Well here is the latest is a teal/minty green pillow with white feathers in fabric ink. It looks amazing on my couch and I’m now also selling it in the shop, click here: FEATHER PILLOW. I would love to hear what you think of it!

pillow 005 feather pillowpillow 006pillow 007pillow 011


When we first moved in I made bright and fun yellow curtains for our large living room window. I had planned to sew a few matching pillows for the couch but never got around doing it. After 2.5 years I dug through my fabric basket and found the material I needed. I took an old couch pillow and within 15 minutes transformed it from drab to summer in a pillow cover.

Here is the before…


….and now the after!